Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Best Xmas Present-Babysweat

If u have visited La Belle Epoque on Saturday afternoon,
u may find me and 2 lovely girls work hard like crazy,
and bury the table in messy materials.
while we talk loudly, laugh loudly, and play music loudly.
we making lovely pretty cute things.

The lovely girls are my lovely students Zoe and Toni,
they've joined the workshop of la belle epoque since August 2008.
They are just 12 year old and 9 year old,
but they can handle different materials to create lovely things,
such as stitching, feltwool, beading.

And today, they send me a lovely Xmas present,
they create their own brand Babysweat, with the official blog,

showing all the lovely stuff they hv made,
and the blog really remind me about
those lovely saturdays spending with the girls.

Thank you zoe and toni, u girls are the best, love u both.
Merry Christmas.